Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mystery actors

[Click for a larger view.]

Do you recognize one? The other? Both? Leave your best guesses in a comment.


12:25 p.m.: I think everyone has given up. The answers are now in the comments.

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misterbagman said...

The young blonde woman looks to me like Juliette Lewis. I got nothin' on the brunette.

Which now has me free-associating Groucho Marx:

"You take the blonde and I'll take the one in the turban!"

Man, I'm weird.

Michael Leddy said...

Not Juliette Lewis. The movie’s older than this screenshot might suggest. (Tricky.)

Michael Leddy said...

Anne Francis as Flamingo McManamee and Barbara Hale as Verity Wade in A Lion in the Streets (dir. Raoul Walsh, 1953).

The Crow said...

I knew both but didn't have computer access in time.

Ann Francis played Honey West, a detective whose pet cat was an ocelot. Barbara Hale was Perry Mason's secretary/gal-friday legal assistant, amateur-but-natural-sleuth and Paul Drake's eye-candy.

Michael Leddy said...

I might have guessed Francis (I know her best from The Blackboard Jungle and Route 66), but I don’t think I’d have guessed Hale. So I’m impressed. :)

I thought someone would have guessed Susan Sarandon for Hale. Strong resemblance, no?

zzi said...

I knew the blonde was Ann Francis but not Barbara Hale. That's a good one.

Michael Leddy said...

Good eyes on the Anne Francis.

Jeff Goob said...

I got Ann Francis but thought the other was Sigourney Weaver but the timing didn't add up. Love that it's Barbara Hale.

Michael Leddy said...

The wet hair works like a time machine, doesn’t it?