Wednesday, August 29, 2018


One way to know you’re now in your sixties: at a yearly physical, the first question from both nurse and doctor is “Have you fallen in the last year?”

Uh, no.

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Frex said...

Fallen for what?


Elaine said...

Medicare requires that question. Falling is a kind of indicator, red flag, warning sign.... A while back I took a tumble off a short stepladder at my design wall. Usually when I felt my balance going, I could just hop backward and land safely on the floor, but that time my foot caught in one of the steps, and I went down, grabbing futilely at the worktable, which also overturned (complete with the full water glass, which miraculously did not break,) and ending up flat on my back, with a mighty crash. Don rushed in, but stood back at my request. As I slowly extricated myself from the wreckage, he commented, "You know, you're going to have to tell the doctor about this next time you se her."

Michael Leddy said...

Sigh is right. Thank goodness you came out okay.