Monday, August 13, 2018

From the BBC: Word of Mouth

An excellent podcast: Word of Mouth (BBC Radio 4). It’s the best podcast on language I’ve heard — smart, witty, respectful of its listener’s intelligence and time. A new series starts in September.

[Has the BBC ever made a bad podcast? I’m also a fan of Soul Music.]

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shallnot said...

From the episode page "Shop Names":

" called Back to the Fuchsia, anyone?"

I once saw a landscaper's van with the business name: "Lawn Order".

Michael Leddy said...

A pet shop: Fish and Cheeps. An Italian restaurant: The Great Impasta. Both real. I think there was a golden (?) age of businesses with puns for names.

That episode is illuminating about medieval shop names. Who knew?

shallnot said...

There was a Chinese restaurant in Oakville, Ontario that I travelled past many times and it wasn’t until I said the name aloud that I clued in: “Ho Lee Chow"