Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On Academia

“Perry? Paul. I just spoke with Tragg. They found a body — in the canyon, a man, probably in his fifties, looks like he was strangled with a bow tie. That’s right. Yeah, a philologist of some kind. Tragg said the wife identified him from his clothes — said he was wearing his second-best tweed jacket. And get this: there was a pipe in the jacket pocket, but the wife says it wasn’t his briar. Can you meet me in about twenty minutes? At the last house on Academia Drive.”

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[We passed Academia Drive while taking an avoid-the-freeway route to the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles last month. I immediately thought of Paul and Perry and invented this bit of dialogue. “The canyon”? I think it sounds like something from the Mason world. In real life Academia Drive is a dead-end street — I mean, a cul-de-sac.]

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The Crow said...

Kudos to you for inventing believable Paul Drake patois! I bought it as scripted dialogue. You are good, friend!

Chris said...

Was it the bow tie that tipped them off that the killer was a philologist? Or was it the victim's tie?

Michael Leddy said...

Chris, I suspect that the bow tie (two words, I just discovered) is the killer’s, and something of a calling card. Paul will have his men check all the haberdasheries in the city.

Thanks for the compliment, Martha. Paul Drake is my television-series-detective idol. :)

The Crow said...

Re: Paul Drake - yep, he was my idol, too; Columbo was second in line.

Chris said...

For some reason this reminded me of an old Monty Python routine:

S: There's a dead bishop on the landing, dad!

K: Really?

M: Where's it from?

S: Waddya mean?

M: What's its diocese?

S: Well, it looked a bit Bath and Wells-ish to me.

Michael Leddy said...

Didn’t know it, but now I do. No tattoos on the philologist though.