Monday, August 5, 2019

“The Case of the Purloined Prairie”

Here is a fifth (and almost certainly final) piece of Lassie fan-fiction. I’m thinking of it as distraction, diversion, respite. Click on each image for a slightly larger page. Enjoy.

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“The ’Clipse” : “The Poet” : “Bon Appétit!” : “On the Road”

[The odd naming conventions for the Masonic characters — Mason, Paul Drake, Della — are my invention. “California”: wherever Calverton is, it’s not in California. “Statues of elimination”: not a typo. The “Juliett” of the NATO phonetic alphabet puzzles me too.]

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zzi said...

... and, as you can see, we vacation together as well. Wink wink.

Michael Leddy said...

Well, yes. I wanted at least a hint of something. But in truth, they’re colleagues and friends. In the novels, the Perry–Della relationship is more complicated.

Frex said...

(Just to say, I've been too busy to sit and read this--but want to. And will!)

Michael Leddy said...

One of Paul’s operatives is watching to make sure. :)