Friday, September 17, 2021

Count the assumptions

A grown-up, speaking on the news about 3D-printed rockets. He likened his dream of having a million people on Mars to “when we founded the New World with Christopher Columbus.”

Cathartic dancing

“Man confronts truck driver with cathartic dancing in Brooklyn” (Gothamist).

One thing I don’t miss about not driving in New Jersey: the honk that sounds from behind just a nanosecond — no, make that a fucking nanosecond — after the light turns green. Drivers in New Jersey and “the city” will understand.

“Vaccine-resistant Trump country”

Susan B. Glasser, writing in The New Yorker :

Consider the news this week that now one in five hundred Americans has died in the pandemic; total deaths in the country approach seven hundred thousand. What’s worse, covid deaths — the vast majority of them preventable, avoidable deaths, now that science and the federal government have provided us with free vaccines—are continuing to rise across large swaths of vaccine-resistant Trump country. This is not a tragic mistake but a calculated choice by many Republicans who have made vaccine resistance synonymous with resistance to Biden and the Democrats. The current average of more than nineteen hundred dead a day means that a 9/11’s worth of Americans are perishing from covid roughly every thirty-eight hours. To my mind, this is the biggest news of the Biden Presidency so far, and it has nothing to do with Afghanistan, or the fate of the budget-reconciliation bill, or Bob Woodward’s new book.
Six more deaths from COVID-19 were reported yesterday in my deep-red Illinois county.

Using a dictionary

“Dictionaries reward you for paying attention, both to the things you consume and to your own curiosity”: in the age of digital searching, Rachel del Valle recommends using a (print) dictionary.

I think though that she’s wrong on one point: a dictionary is a rabbit hole, or can be.

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[I have the same Webster’s Second that Del Valle writes about. (It has dazzling endpapers.) But I wasn’t lucky enough to find my copy on the street.]

The Unfaithful : an EXchange name

The Unfaithful (dir. Vincent Sherman, 1947) has something for everyone. Here is an EXchange name, more than ready for its close-up. [Click for a larger view.]

Also in The Unfaithful : Angels Flight, The Bradbury Building, and phone booths.

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The Unfaithful : phone booths

The Unfaithful (dir. Vincent Sherman, 1947) has something for everyone. There are phone booths in the airport.

[Click for a larger view.]

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Almost lunch

[Click for a larger view.]

Almost lunch, not lunchtime. This can of sardines was almost yesterday’s lunch. But then I looked more closely: “Best Before 2016.” That sounds to me less like vintage and more like dangerous. I hesitated to open the can. But I didn’t hesitate to take a photo.

Mabuti is a Filipino word for good. I trust that at some point these sardines were good. I (evidently) bought this lone can of Mabuti years ago. In a nearby Asian grocery, Mabuti sardines were cheap. Amazon has more recent cans of this variety, $27.99 for three. Not cheap.

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[Yes, that’s cellophane tape at the ends of the can. The tape came with the can.]

The Unfaithful : Bradbury

The Unfaithful (dir. Vincent Sherman, 1947) has something for everyone, including a scene in the Bradbury Building. Dig the elevator.

[Click for a larger view.]

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Unfaithful : Angels Flight

The Unfaithful (dir. Vincent Sherman, 1947) has something for everyone, including a ride on the Angels Flight Railway.

[“Mrs. Tanner” (Marta Mitrovich), about to board. A round trip or two rides: 5¢. Book of ten: 25¢. Book of 30 (?): 50¢. Click any image for a larger view.]

[Down we go.]

[Talk about vertiginous. No wonder almost everyone’s looking straight ahead or at a newspaper.]

The Angels Flight website lists the railway’s appearances in film and on TV.

Here, from an earlier blog post, is a glimpse of Angels Flight in Act of Violence (dir. Fred Zinnemann, 1949).

Must. Get. To. Los. Angeles. Again. But not now.

Sardines, drawn

At Yellow Petals, George Bodmer shares a lovely can of sardines.

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