Monday, August 20, 2018

Pocket notebook sighting

A pocket notebook is handy when it’s not safe to speak.

[“I have a message from Gabriel — Trust me.” Click any image for a larger view.]

[“Someone is listening — where can we talk.”]

This notebook plays a small, vital role in Eyes in the Night (dir. Fred Zinnemann, 1942). Duncan “Mac” Maclain (Edward Arnold), a detective, writes these messages while someone listens on the other side of the door. How does Mac know someone’s there? His faithful dog Friday has given him a telling nudge. Mac is blind. And yes, he does jigsaw puzzles.

A pocket notebook is also handy when writing a message for Friday to deliver. And gosh, does Friday deliver. He out-Lassies Lassie. Sorry, girl.

[“Help Urgent Lawry House.”]

Eyes in the Night is a thoroughly satisfying movie, available at the Internet Archive.

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joecab said...

Oh man you know how long I've been trying to remember what movie this was? This is the only part I recalled from my youth.

Michael Leddy said...

Glad to oblige. :)