Sunday, May 1, 2022

Outtakes (12)

“Outtakes: Behind the Scenes with the Tax Photo Photographers” (NYC Department of Records and Information Services) has many photographs of the photographers and clerks who did the work of the WPA’s tax photographs. I’ll make a final outtakes post with two group shots.

[Outtakes from the WPA’s New York City tax photographs, Brooklyn, c. 1939–1941, available from 1940s NYC. Click either image for a much larger view.]

In the first photograph it’s cool enough for one fellow to be wearing a sweater. But not an umbrella or raincoat in sight, so perhaps the rain was a surprise. I like the camaraderie on display in the second photo, taken in what I like to call shirtsleeve weather. So few hats in these photos: these WPA guys seem like a modern bunch. They’re still unidentified.

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Anonymous said...

nice finale

Michael Leddy said...

Thank you. And there will be more buildings, just not outtakes.