Wednesday, May 18, 2022

In search of lost LA

Art Donovan (Jack Bannon) asks questions. Charlie Hume (Mason Adams) answers. From the Lou Grant episode “Hollywood” (December 17, 1979):

“When did they get rid of the orange groves in the Valley? Whatever happened to the eucalyptus trees along Melrose? Why do I sound like a ninety–year–old man?”

“You know, what surprises me is that so much of the town is still here. Remember those donut places shaped like coffee mugs? I saw one the other day. Now it's dry cleaner shaped like a coffee mug. But you see, the old LA is still here just under the surface. But you gotta look for it.”
It’s a singular episode: a miniature film noir, with George Chandler, Laraine Day, Howard Duff, Nina Foch, Margaret Hamilton, John Larch, Paul Stewart, and Marie Windsor.

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