Monday, May 23, 2022

Mary’s and Rhoda’s apartments

Computer-modeled tours of Mary Richards’s and Rhoda Morgenstern’s apartments. The presence of elements never seen on The Mary Tyler Moore Show itself — bathrooms, a fourth wall — makes me want to call the Epistemology Help Line.

Thanks, Steven.

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Anonymous said...

The outside of the house was a real house in Minneapolis including the window. Years ago I was in Minneapolis for a visit and a friend drove me by the house.

And I've been to the IDS Center Crystal Court way back when the show was still being filmed. I was thrilled to walk where Mary threw her hat up in the opening credits.

Still one of my favorite shows!!


Michael Leddy said...

I’d love to see the house in person. I’ve read that the owners were so tired of camera crews that they put an IMPEACH NIXON sign in the upper window. And that people still ask for Mary’s table in the restaurant.

If you want to binge: it’s all on Hulu.