Friday, May 6, 2022

Visitors to the newsroom

Watching Lou Grant, I have sometimes imagined what it might be like if the old gang from WJM-TV were to show up.

Scene: a grim-looking Lou Grant in his Los Angeles Tribune office, with Charlie, Donovan, and an unidentified stranger. The old gang enters.

Mary: “Mr. Grant! It’s been such a long time !”

Lou (grimly): “Hello, Mary.”

Ted: “Why so blue, Lou?”

Lou: “Because we’re being held hostage, Ted!”

Murray: “Now you now how I felt every time Ted did the news.”

Charlie: “Lou, are these people your friends?”
Worlds colliding.

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[The Tribune newsroom was held hostage, season one, episode two, “Hostages” (September 27, 1977).]

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