Sunday, May 22, 2022

Grain, oil, and pastries

News from way out west:

A professional outdoorsman in Utah is facing felony criminal charges for allegedly helping Donald Trump Jr. shoot a bear illegally during a guided hunting expedition. Wade Lemon of Wade Lemon Hunting hosted Trump for the outing in May 2018. According to the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Lemon illegally baited the bear for Trump with “a pile of grain, oil, and pastries.”
“A pile of grain, oil, and pastries”: is it certain that Mr. Lemon wasn’t trying to help Don Jr. make contact with his dad?

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Elaine said...

OMG! Somebody needs to read _Why Johnny Can't Read_! While Fleisch is wrong on dyslexia, he was writing before much of the science emerged....and he is SO right about phonics. Sheesh
This book is more than 70 years old now, eh?

Michael Leddy said...

“Sheesh” is right.

ksh said...

For the record, the picture accompanying the article is of a Grizzly Bear. Utah is not part of the Grizzly Bear's range. Black Bears are.

This reminds me of the time our local newspaper ran a story about the local Mountain Lion population with an accompanying photo of an African Lion.

Michael Leddy said...

Wow — the danger of the stock photo.

I once sent a correction to the NYT, when they ran a photograph of the pianist Joe Turner identified as the singer Big Joe Turner. I wonder how many people will spot this mistake.