Sunday, May 29, 2022

A Brooklyn public library

A few years ago, when I was asking my mom for memories of her Brooklyn childhood, I wrote this down:

As a girl, Mom walked to the Boro Park library on Saturday mornings. It was on 13th Avenue, toward the higher street numbers.
And there it was, between 52nd and 53rd Streets:

[Brooklyn Public Library, Boro Park branch, 5211 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, c. 1939–1941. From the NYC Municipal Archives Collections. Click for a much larger view.]

The 1940 telephone directory gave me an address. The Archives gave me the photograph. Should you need to call the library c. 1939–1941, the number was WIndsor 6-7050. The library’s double-wide storefront is now split betweeen Lane Card and Gift Shop and Hoffy’s (computers, electronics, &c.)

When we were kids in Brooklyn, the Boro Park branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was here. And still is. But the Boro Park branch no longer has its copy of Alvin’s Secret Code.

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Anonymous said...

take a closer look

Michael Leddy said...

Fantastic! Thanks.

Slywy said...

My childhood library. (with friends)

My first card was manila and cost 5 cents. I had it for a long time but it's probably lost now.

Michael Leddy said...

I like that modern-and-now-dated design.

I still have a card from New Jersey, manila, with a little (metallic?) strip of embossed numbers, as on a credit card.