Friday, May 13, 2022

Sunshine of my mondegreen

I’ve been mishearing the words since the Atco 45 rpm days:

It’s gettin’ near dawn, when light grows a tiger’s eye
No: “when lights close their tired eyes.”

I’ll stay with you till my seeds are dried up
No: “seas.” Though “seeds” makes a sort of sense.

I’m glad I finally thought to check the lyrics.

My own personal mondegreens
“And Jupiter collides with Mars” : “Blowin’ through the chasm in my mind” : “Sweet Loretta Modern”

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Anonymous said...

at 7:03 into the video, Jimi goes to town

Michael Leddy said...

Very nice — I’ve read that he liked to play the tune at a fast tempo.

herschel said...

interesting that your mondegreen and my mondegreen, both of the exact same lines, feature two different large cats — I always thought it was “when lions close their tired eyes”.

Michael Leddy said...

Huh! Jungle cats everywhere.