Monday, May 23, 2022

Domestic comedy

An ordinary evening. We were watching yet another Lou Grant episode, “Boomerang” (January 19, 1981). The opening scene: a busy hospital, doctors and nurses speaking Spanish. I called the theme of the episode (not derivable from its title) forty-four seconds in, when the camera zoomed in on a respirator, the manufacturer’s name in all caps: defective medical equipment. And then:

“Yes, Michael, you’re brilliant. You’re a genius at watching television. You can quote me.”

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[“Yet another”: these episodes aren’t going to watch themselves. And if you haven’t watched, it was a really good show.]

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shallnot said...

I had never seen a Clint Eastwood “Dirty Harry” movie. On a movie night someone brought along “The Dead Pool” (1988). I was the only one who had never seen it. Early on in the video I said “the bad guy will be killed by [that device]”. And at the end he was.

Sometimes (many times?) Hollywood just can’t be subtle re: hiding Chekhov’s Gun.

Michael Leddy said...


I should’ve added (and will, now) that a company name (fictional) was prominently displayed on the device.

Fresca said...

Lol! You get an honary PhD in TV♥️😃

Michael Leddy said...

Uhm, it’s called media studies. : )