Saturday, February 20, 2021

Today’s Newsday Saturday

Today’s Newsday  Saturday crossword is by Greg Johnson. It’s a satisfying puzzle, if a bit on the easy side, mixing familiar crosswordese (35-A, three letters, “Insignificant amount”; 31-D, four letters, “Source for feta”) with novelty items (1-A, seven letters, “From where pesto originated”; 8-A, seven letters, “Former Snickers shelfmate”). Former? That shows how far removed I am from candy stores and bars.

Some clue-and-answer pairs I especially liked:

3-D, five letters, “Four-Emmy sitcom brother (1995–2004).” Because it was a great role.

21-D, nine letters, “Cheesy, saucy casserole.” Because it’s a casserole, a cheesy and saucy one. What’s not to like? More? Yes, please.

25-A, three letters, “Bowling ball residue.” Because eww, gross.

26-A, twelve letters, “Acrobats to compete at the 2024 Olympics.” Because I knew the answer.

36-A, fifteen letters, “Seating for oboists.” Because I like being reminded that there will be concerts again.

42-A, three letters, “Snack to dispense with.” Because I’ve always liked the idea of it, though I’m not sure I’d call it a snack. My first everyday carry.

My favorite answers in this puzzle are two that came in crosses, so I missed the wit while solving. I thought that the answer for 5-D, three letters, “Shortening in semi-sweet chocolate” had to be some sort of acronym and paid it no attention. I also missed the cleverness of 55-D, four letters, “Thing with an anchor.” I hope it has one. If not, things will be tough for that thing. Even with one, things will be tough.

No spoilers; the answers are in the comments.

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Michael Leddy said...




ETC. (Semi-sweET Chocolate.) MALL.

joecab said...

Is the oil more from fingers or the lane and gutters?

Michael Leddy said...

You’d have to ask a real bowler. I assumed oil from the hands.

I’m thinking now about my bowling forays with friends in high school, always with rented shoes. Eww, gross!

Michael Leddy said...

Whaddaya know? Lane oil is a topic in bowling.