Wednesday, February 17, 2021

H. Neil Matkin again

It’s still a good day not to be teaching at a campus that has H. Neil Matkin as its president. L.D. Burnett explains why: “What a Public-Information Act Request Revealed About My College President” (The Chronicle of Higher Education).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about using Reader. I didn't know that.

I had a picture of Mr. Matkin in my head and it was exactly how he actually looks!

As we have "spoken" before on higher education, I am appalled at what campuses are becoming.

In looking back at my undergraduate/graduate days, I was lucky to be part of a generation who spoke up and marched along with professors who did so. We tried to get Abbie Hoffman and William Kunstler to come and speak on campus but their fees were $1500 each and it was hard to get the funds to pay them. If I remember correctly Student Council didn't want to pay it.

Students today have no idea of what college was really like for us. Here the students tend to binge drink from Thursday to Sunday. Somehow we had other things to do-not that we didn't but alcohol was not the focus of our social life.


Michael Leddy said...

I can imagine President Matkin with a number of faces, but the one he has certainly fits.

My daughter reminds me that students in college today have known nothing but Common Core standards. They’ve been assessed and tested to death. For too many students, “education” is about satisfying requirements and amassing “points” — about everything but curiosity and learning. So a snow day? Yay! Let’s daydrink.