Friday, February 12, 2021

Crooks and lawyers

It’s grimly hilarious to hear Donald Trump**’s lawyer Michael van der Veen accuse the House managers of “total intellectual dishonesty.” He’s the same Michael van der Veen who is widely reported to have called Trump** in 2019 “a fucking crook.”

[Of course, he denies it.]

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Anonymous said...

These are the best he could find or alternatively agreed to defend him. Signs of bad lawyering is when you really don't have a rebuttal but instead point fingers at the other person. Well, you used the word "fight" too! And because the insurrection didn't succeed you can't charge me. So if I only attempted to do something, you can't charge me.

One of them is a PI attorney and I am shocked that he has won large verdicts.

I saw several tweets that the Beastie Boys should be charged too as they want you to fight for your right to party and they forgot Kung Fu fighting.


Michael Leddy said...

Kirsten, have you seen this spoof?

I am kicking myself because I thought of adding the “fight” canard to this post and mentioning the Beastie Boys, along with school fight songs. I thought I’d be getting too far afield. But I’m glad to know the Internet already has it covered. :)

Castor’s claim that what happened on January wasn’t an insurrection because insurrection involves taking over television stations and such made me bonkers. I stopped watching not long after that. The only insurrection is a successful insurrection?!

Anonymous said...

Love the spoof!

Check out Aaron Rupar's twitter account:


Michael Leddy said...

And how. He’s indispensable. I think I was transcribing Stacey Plaskett’s words from one of his clips as you were leaving a comment.