Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Then, Voyager

[Life, May 24, 1943. Click for a much larger view.]

I’m not sure how I found it, but I did. A complete kit for writing V-Mail, with everything but fountain pen and mechanical pencil: ink, leads, stationery, pen wiper, calendar, ruler, and instructions for pen care.

What led me to Sheaffer’s Voyager? A World War II motto, as seen in a movie flophouse: “Write that letter now.”

[Of course Sheaffer wouldn’t think about wood-cased pencils as writing instruments.]

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Elaine said...

My mother found a V-Mail letter from her brother-in-law and passed it along to his wife ...this would have been in the early to mid-Sixties when we were clearing out the attic of their Atlanta house. So interesting to have seen a part of 'The War Effort'....

Michael Leddy said...

And how. I’ve seen only photos.