Saturday, February 13, 2021

0 for 2

I gave up watching the proceedings this morning and am learning only now that Donald Trump** has been acquitted in his second impeachment. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

I suspect that Joe Biden may have offered the House managers his perspective on whether to call witnesses. To call them, and thereby give Trump**’s attorneys the chance to turn the proceedings into an endless Fox/Newsmax/OAN spectacle, would serve only to derail Biden’s agenda in Congress and keep Trump** front and center in the public imagination. Even if witnesses were called, the spine-shortage in the Senate would still make acquittal the inevitable outcome. As it is, forty-three Republicans voted to acquit even with the report of Trump**’s “Well, Kevin” conversation in the record.

Damn those forty-three. Their moral compass points south, to Mar-a-Largo. And kudos to the seven who did the right thing.

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Anonymous said...

Only I can think of is civil lawsuits at this point -- aka OJ.

He lost those civil lawsuits.

Very disappointing outcome. As the Midnight in Washington film and Senator Adam Schiff said - their names are tied to his forever.

It'll be interesting to see what John Dean tweets in the next few days. Check out Lawrence Tribe's twitter account: And the cases in Georgia will become very important.


Michael Leddy said...

Yes, there are plenty of lawyers in his future. I’ll look at Dean and Tribe — thanks.

Linda Sue said...

" Well, Kevin..." has already become part of our conversation in this house. Clearly the republicans AGREE with being the new party of trump, as no one's career was on the line, unless it was Mitch's directive- that is likely the case. But WHY!!! There are only about four of them counting on "the base" to keep them in office. of trump it is, I guess, Canada still looking mighty fine from where i sit. I crave stability, is that even a thing?

Michael Leddy said...

Our household thinks it’s now more than ever a death cult. His words and actions put their lives in danger, and still they voted to acquit.

How do you use “Well, Kevin”? I’m trying to imagine a scenario from ordinary life. Elaine suggests “Well, Kevin, she’s just not that into you.”