Tuesday, February 9, 2021


I’m listening to the arguments from Donald Trump**’s lawyers today via C-SPAN, as much as I can bear. Which might not be much more. Bruce Castor is up, and he sounds like the worst college lecturer imaginable — self-involved, stating and restating the obvious, and meandering with a mazy motion like the sacred river Alph in Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan.” And enough with the Everett Dirksen: “the gallant men and women of the Senate.” Aiiee.

Here’s my favorite horrible Castor sentence so far. Read carefully:

“The only thing that stands between the bitter infighting that led to the downfall of the Greek republic and the Roman republic and the American republic is the Senate of the United States.”

Stay for the Longfellow. Aiiee.

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Anonymous said...

As an attorney I was absolutely appalled by their speeches. Talk about rambling and non-cohesive.

Didn't one of them try to argue that since he was out of office, he couldn't be tried? By that extension if you rob a bank or commit any type of crime, you couldn't be tried unless it was during the commission of the crime. And just mark my words, you will see someone try to use that as an argument or excuse as to why they did something.

He needed Constitutional law attorneys.

Michael Leddy said...

The New Yorker had an online cartoon yesterday that speaks to this point.