Friday, November 5, 2021

Out to the parking lot

The town festival was underway, with people leading their animals into the community center. I noticed a pony and a sheep. All the animals were seated at long tables running down the sides of the community center’s conference room.

I went out to the parking lot, where two young women had parked their car so that the driver’s side was smack up against the back of our Prius, making it impossible for me to back out. And the only way they could back out without damaging both cars was to first maneuver forward, turning the wheel ever so slightly, before backing out. I asked them to do so. They were reluctant. I offered to maneuver their car myself and pay if there was any damage. They agreed. So I got in and maneuvered their car out of its space. (I’m a capable driver.)

I asked them if they liked the Rolling Stones and expected them to say “Who?” But they said that they thought the Rolling Stones were a pretty good band, and I agreed. And I got out of their car and into our Prius.

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[Possible sources: Hallmark (town festival), Peppa Pig (animals), oil change (Prius), events in Dallas (the Stones).]

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