Thursday, November 18, 2021

Coffee and “the shipping situation”

[As the world anticipates coffee shortages — due, this time, to supply-chain problems and climate.]

[Life, October 19, 1942. Click for a larger view.]

 The original scan (available in Google Books) has a bright green line running at a slant through the ad. I used the free service to remove it. Not a perfect fix, but better than my attempt at copying and pasting little strips of photograph. The pictures to the left show the original and the version.

I found this advertisement from the Pan-American Coffee Bureau while looking (as usual) for something else. The bureau has made two previous appearances in these pages, each time with a memorable slogan: “Give yourself a coffee-break” and “How about some good hot coffee?”

And speaking of good hot coffee — sheesh, just keep any extra coffee for later drinking. There’s no need for jelly.

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[Extra-credit question: What is that guy looking at?!]

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Tororo said...

My guess: just seconds before the picture was shot, the lady was making funny faces, and the gentleman avoids looking directly at her, for fear of spilling his coffee if he burst into laughs.
Will I get extra credit?

Michael Leddy said...

That’s pretty plausible. It reminds me of the meme with man–woman–other wonan, except the other woman must be out of camera range.

Extra credit? Yes, certainly. I’ll add ten points to the final exam.

Tororo said...

Thank you Mr Leddy!