Saturday, December 5, 2020

One, two, three ...

From The New York Times: “Three Steps for Safe Living.” Even if you find the advice obvious, you might still find it reassuring to read.

See also, from The Washington Post, “Eight facts about the coronavirus to combat common misinformation.”

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Anonymous said...

For me, most of the eight facts are what I have been doing all along!

I did see this most interesting article today about the vaccine:

Several statements that caught my eye:

But scientists do not yet know if vaccinated people could still spread the virus.

Others cautioned that even when the physical dangers of the pandemic recede, other consequences are likely to be long-lasting. They mentioned the effects of isolation on children’s developing brains; the exposure of deep inequities in health care and in safety nets; and the fear and sadness of so much illness and death.

Still another article wondered about how many hospitals will have the cold freezers needed for distribution (yet another issue) much along the line of PPE distribution as well as how many people will return for the second shot if needed. Aka also known as the I feel better, I'll quit taking my antibiotics.

I saw an article a few months ago about how the pandemic will affect the earning power of college students as well as persons currently in the workforce. Most likely over their lifetime they will be earning less and countries may see their GDP drop as much as 20%.

There is a lot that is unknown as well as unintended consequences due to mishandling by leadership in all countries.


Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Kirsten.

P.S.: You’d be a great blogger.