Monday, December 21, 2020

A Backblaze offer

Backblaze is an online backup service. Wirecutter continues to recommend it as “the best cloud backup service for most people.”

If you’d like a free month of Backblaze, use this referral code. If you sign up — $6 a month or $60 a year or $110 for two years, each price for unlimited backup — you’ll get two more months for free, and I’ll get three free months too. The offer runs through January 31. You can read the details on this page.

One caution: without ultra-speedy wireless, the initial backup is likely to take several days. You just have to be patient, or find a library or other location with fast wireless. You can, of course, do other things on the computer while Backblaze is backing up. And you can control how much bandwidth it uses. Once the initial backup is done, you’re unlikely to ever notice Backblaze at work — until, that is, you need to restore a file or hard drive.

I switched to Backblaze from Mozy in 2018. This post explains why.

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