Monday, December 21, 2020

Make your own pencils

From Bridge City Tool Works: Pencil Precision, everything you need to make your own pencils (twenty-five of them). Available for pre-ordering, $699.

Thanks, Steven.

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Geo-B said...

Still, $ 28 a pencil?

Michael Leddy said...

Beautiful stuff, but Insanely expensive. The Chopstick Maker is cheaper.

Stephen said...

George, with additional supplies, presumably the per pencil cost goes down? But I don't see those supplies for sale.

The promotional video is an animation - I'd be more convinced by actual film of a person using this.

Stephen said...

One more thing. The kit has been available for pre-ordering for years (this link from February, 2018):

Probably best to be cautious.

Michael Leddy said...

Stephen, thanks for that link. I think I must have seen Matthias’s post, but if I did, I’d long forgotten about this over-the-top item.

Is this kit a pencil equivalent of vaporware? Shavingsware?

Staedtler had (has?) a beautiful, humble pencil-making kit. That one’s more my speed.