Tuesday, December 29, 2020

“Memory’s pictures”

When young, the narrator regarded the Bois du Boulogne as “an artificial place and, in the zoological or mythological sense of the word, a Garden.” But everything changes. From the final paragraph of Swann’s Way :

Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way, trans. Lydia Davis (New York: Viking, 2002).

This post concludes one-Proust-sentence-a-day. I’ll post passages from the remaining volumes now and then. Onward!

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[Translator’s note: “In Dodona, in Epirus, the priests of Zeus’ sanctuary gave oracles by interpreting the sound of the wind in the sacred oaks.”]

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Fresca said...

What? You're done?
That seems very fast!
I will miss your Proust postcards.
Good one to end on--don't look for memory in reality...
Thank you.

Michael Leddy said...

Yeah, the end of this volume is great, returning to a scene from childhood. It was twenty days of reading, a little over twenty pages a day. As you’ll see, I just did a sentence from the next volume this morning. Hard to not want to share Proust.