Tuesday, September 5, 2017

“The ’Clipse”

This post contains the text of a short piece of fan fiction, by me: “The ’Clipse,” a Timmy and Lassie story. The story is both inspired by current events and meant to serve as a brief respite from them. It’s inspired too by Fresca’s continuing attention to fan fiction. Lassie, in its Timmy Martin form, was a major factor in my imaginative life in childhood.

“The ’Clipse” assumes a working acquaintance with the Lassie world, “just outside Calverton.” The veterinary science in the story is, of course, hooey. You can click on each image for a larger view. Whistling the opening and closing Lassie themes is optional.

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[Why image files? Because I prefer that fiction and poetry maintain a print-like integrity in blog posts, even if that makes changing Mrs. Martin’s inelegant “I guess” to “I suppose” a bit of a production.]

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Fresca said...

This is GREAT!
Totally hilarious!

I don't even know the show (never saw a single episode, though I can conjure up an image--and I can fill in images to fit this story from TV ads from my childhood--Mrs. Olson drinking Folgers--lot of coffee drinking going on, eh?),
but even without knowing the original, I thoroughly enjoyed your fic.
So tense & suspenseful!
Absurdly so, of course, the 'clipse being like a nuclear threat.

My favorite line:
"He was a cheerful boy who always seemed ready for a snack."

I can imagine this illustrated, "Mark Trail"–style!
---especially the ending, with the dogs in their glasses.
What kind of dog is Mike? Is that a real dog from the show?

. . .

[Google to the rescue]

[minutes pass]

. . .

Ah--I see Mike looks like some sort of chihuahua/terrier mix.

more please

Michael Leddy said...

Fresca, I’m so happy that you like this story. The only answer I could offer about Mike: he’s a small.