Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A joke in the traditional manner

What happens when a senior citizen visits a podiatrist?

No spoilers. The punchline is in the comments.

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[“In the traditional manner”: by or à la my dad. He must take credit for all but the doctor and Santa Claus.]

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Michael Leddy said...

Medicare foots the bill.

My dad doesn’t like “senior citizen,” but what are you gonna do?

Slywy said...

I spent a lot of the aughts trying to convince people to use "older adults," not because I love that phrase but because it seemed more palatable than "senior citizens," which doesn't quite make sense — are not children "junior citizens"? It's interesting how when you are a child, teen, or senior you're defined by your age. For the big gap between 20 and 45, you're just . . . people. (Or Soylent Green?)

Michael Leddy said...

I’m always cheered when I hear older adults include themselves out by referring to other older adults as “the old people.” As in “That’s where all the old people go.”

Anonymous said...

Seen your Citizen? asked the poor Diarist
In that story that's ever old,
Mad with care, laddie, beware,
He shrugged his shyly sly no.

Señor's wit, he's sanely a futurist
Though that future turns bleakly cold
(Not to mention the loss of hair)
'Cause that's where the old folks go.