Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hi and Lois watch

Today’s strip needs updating:

[Hi and Lois, April 18, 2015.]

[Hi and Lois modified, April 18, 2015. Click either image for a larger view. The original has been modified with artisanal care.]

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The Crow said...


Good one, Michael.

Michael Leddy said...

Next thing, they’ll be serving sardines.

The Crow said...

But they'll be artisan sardines, packed in hand-crafted sauces and artisan oils.

Oh, woe! What is this world coming to, friend?

Michael Leddy said...

But if they do ever begin serving sardines, it’ll be because people are thinking more carefully about what they eat. So it’ll be a good thing, kinda, sorta, right? :)

Fresca said...

In the right-hand panel, what is that center cup resting on?
It looks like it must be floating in midair.

Yesterday at McDonald's, I was tempted to order the artisan chicken so I could report back, but while I actually like McD's for some things (soft-serve ice cream!), the chicken gives me the creep.

Michael Leddy said...

“In the right-hand panel, what is that center cup resting on?”

Uhh, the thick, sturdy border of the comic strip?

Or the table could be a trapezoid of some sort. Isn’t McDonald’s known for its artisan trapezoids?

Really, everything is wrong in this strip. Ditto’s chair moves too.