Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gift from the sea through the mail

Monday’s mail brought an unexpected gift: a tin of sardines from reader and fellow writer Martha. To say that this gift made me happy would be understatement: it felt like an affirmation of a secret society devoted to finding delight in the most everyday things. I knew right away what I would be having for lunch on Tuesday.

I had never tried King Oscar Mediterranean Style, and now I had the chance, skin, bones, and all. Accompanying these Brisling sardines: extra virgin olive oil, black olives, soybean oil, red bell pepper, herbs of Provence, salt. I divided the sardines into two camps to try Martha’s serving suggestions (balsamic vinegar, lemon juice) and pulled out two slices of cracked wheat bread for accompaniment. The sardines were delicious, and surprisingly delicate in flavor, quite different from their meatier skinless and boneless kin. These tiny Brislings were — I can’t help saying it — a different kettle of fish. Must get more.

I’ll say it again, here: Thank you, Martha!

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[The skin and bones: non-problematic. So much squeamishness for naught. Image from King Oscar.]

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The Crow said...

'Twas my pleasure, Michael, and (again) thank you for reminding me of a pleasure from my younger days.

The Crow said...

P.S.: So, what's the secret handshake? And the password?

Michael Leddy said...

The password? I thought you knew!

The Crow said...

Oops! I think I ate it!

Fresca said...

I'm not a fish fan, but reading about the prep of these made my mouth water.
Maybe I'll try them...