Sunday, April 19, 2015

A portrait of the artist as a young dog

[Mutts, April 19, 2015. Click for a larger view.]

Patrick McDonnell’s Earl is today a canine version of James Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus, who, writing on the flyleaf of a geography book, worked out his place in the order of things. From A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916):

Stephen Dedalus
Class of Elements
Clongowes Wood College
County Kildare
The World
The Universe

Earth Day is April 22.

[Dig the purple mountain majesties.]

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Sara said...

Are you familiar with Dylan Thomas' Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog?

Michael Leddy said...

I was thinking of that title, yes. But I haven’t read it. Should I?

Sara said...

I'm not sure. I started re-reading the book today. I'll let you know how it goes.

Michael Leddy said...