Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Old chair

[Photograph by Michael Leddy, c. 1984.]

I reached for a stack of Campus Mail envelopes and found a long-lost photograph underneath. This chair sat in an office that I shared, in grad school days, with a senior professor. The chair was his, as were the boxes of papers on the left. The chair was the one that students sat in when they came in to talk to me, or to him. I remember most students thinking the chair pretty cool. I thought it was cool too. Nowadays, such a chair would likely be considered inappropriate. The chair would likely become even more tattered from all the aspersions cast at it.

Elaine gave me sweet little Olympus camera as a birthday present in 1984. For a while, we were on a black-and-white kick. If this chair had a color, it was some distant form of yellow.

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The Crow said...

Oh, if that chair could talk, what stories it could tell!

Geo-B said...

Needs a stint in recovery.