Friday, April 3, 2015

CW Pencil Enterprise

“CW Pencil Enterprise of New York City was founded in November 2014 by Caroline Weaver, amateur pencil collector but lifelong pencil lover”: CW Pencils, 100a Forsyth Street, in Lower Manhattan.

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Marzek said...

Wow. It looks like Heaven. (Almost: no Tombow 2558 HBs, my absolute favorite. Perfect balance of materials, nice dark line and they hold a point for ages).

Anonymous said...

Enter, prize

What's sharp about a pencil
When tracing out some stencil?
Pointed would be that utensil,
Leaden and brittle yet tensile.

Sean said...

Received my second order today; hand-wrapped and with a hand-written note.

Currently enjoying the exotic Nataraj "Platinum" Extra Dark from India (and I'm happy to say it's not a blend of tea).