Sunday, November 22, 2020

Safari 14.0.1 problems

If you use Safari on a Mac, you might want to hold off on the 14.0.1 update. It breaks things. Blogger can no longer upload images. (Dragging images into Blogger still works, sometimes.) Gmail can no longer upload attachments. Both problems have been reported by users, including me. (In other words, it’s not Just Me.)

My workaround is Brave, minus the “rewards.”


November 23: It appears that this problem affects Macs still using Mojave. Any button that serves to open the Finder and browse files for uploading no longer works. The current recommendation is to reinstall the operating system. A simpler recommendation might be to ditch Safari.

Really disappointing, Apple. I download an update that’s supposed to be for my device and it breaks my browser.

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