Sunday, November 1, 2020

Nancy 11/1/2020 strip”

Today’s Nancy is a winner. Olivia Jaimes once again expands the possibilities of what’s possible in panels.

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Fresca said...

Help, please. To me, Nancy looks like she has goat eyes (because I've been thinking about goats).
Are her eyes a reference to something?

Michael Leddy said...

If they are, the reference is lost on me. All I see is Nancy thinking with fiendish glee about how to trick Sluggo into reading spoilers, like the one at the top of today’s strip.

Fresca said...

That Olivia James is keen!

I looked up the eyes, and while I didn't find a sci-fi predecessor (and she doesn't mention it in the "Wikipedia" article), I did find something that helps explain why eyes with vertical pupils look scary, besides being non-human, they are the eyes of predators:

"When it comes to telling prey and predators apart, you only need to look at their eyes, researchers say.
Prey species such as sheep and goats can be distinguished by their 'letterbox' pupils [ an expanded field of view] while those of cats, crocodiles and other ambush predators look like vertical slits [for improved depth of field and the ability to judge distances and to see in dazzling light]."

--Your librarianish friend

Michael Leddy said...

Astute! All I saw was red. I zoomed the page, and now I see the predator eyes.

I wonder if they’re meant to suggest the eyes in The Village of the Damned? They’re not slits, but I think Nancy’s eyes are similar.