Friday, May 15, 2020

Thirty-seven pencils

From a Donald Trump* interview with state television:

“We can — we can do things in our country. We can — you know, we used to make our own product. Would you believe it? Right? We used to make our own product. We don’t need thirty-seven pencils, we can buy two pencils — and they can be better. But you know, we went astray, with the whole thing, we went astray.”
We did go astray. I, for one, have hundreds of pencils.

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[Two pencils? It’s remotely possible that Trump* is making an oblique reference to General Pencil and Musgrave Pencil, two venerable companies that still manufacture pencils in the United States. But I doubt it. He speaks in the past tense: “we used to.” And he seems to be speaking about volume, not some number of manufacturers. Pencils, by the way, are also made in Germany and Japan, among other countries.]

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shallnot said...

It's funny that while I was reading the quote above I kept expecting to see printed: "—Squirrel!—"...

Michael Leddy said...

Got it. :)

Fresca said...

Trump + Pencils. A perfect storm.

(You have gone soooo far astray, Michael! LOL)

Michael Leddy said...

LOL indeed.