Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Internet rising

Yesterday Elaine wrote a post about making bread with a tiny amount of yeast. And a helpful person left a comment with a link to an Italian-imports store in Pittsburgh that sells instant yeast — “works twice as fast.” The same product is sold by King Arthur Flour — so it must be good, no? It’s temporarily unavailable from King Arthur, but it is available, right now, from the store in Pittsburgh. Elaine’s post has the info.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks on the heads up for another source of instant yeast. I bought some a few weeks ago from a country store in MO. I paid a little more but even their prices have gone up since then due to the demand. I did add the Penn store as yet another place to order cool food from.

The salame and pasta sound so good!


Michael Leddy said...

It just occurred to me that a nearby Amish superstore might have yeast. But that’s a forty-mile round trip. Wise right now? Probably not.