Sunday, May 31, 2020

Not this time, lady

[She does look a bit like George Wallace.]

Elaine and I went to a march against police violence and racism today. I thought there might be twenty or thirty people attending. There were at least a couple of hundred. Several younger people spoke, expressing gratitude (see previous sentence), anger, and resolve. As the crowd moved down the avenue, Elaine and I brought up the rear in an appropriate, socially distanced manner.

Not so appropriate: the driver of this car. She yelled at me, or at no one: “I will run over you!” But I think she was yelling at me. That’s my arm. I had already stopped to give this driver the right of way (which wasn’t hers to begin with). Elaine was filming to get a sense of the crowd size, though you can’t see it from this shot. The crowd stretched out far in front of us.

This poor old woman must have been suffering from the delusion that she’s George Wallace. I remember a fellow middle-schooler who spoke in civics class about how much he respected George Wallace. If a protester lay down in front of George Wallace, why, George Wallace would run right over that protester. Yes, Wallace really said words to that effect. My fellow student later joined the military and committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

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Daughter Number Three said...

Cars bring out the homicide in way too many people. We've had 100 years of training that streets are for cars instead of people, paid for by car companies... who invented the term jay-walking. (Not even mentioning protests.)

Michael Leddy said...

This driver was not the only one. Another person took that same left, and fast (so as not to be waiting while people crossed ahead). And a guy on a motorcycle was talking about running over people. But every other driver was cooperative, even when waiting through green lights for marchers to cross. Of course there were other marchers standing in place to stop traffic.