Thursday, October 4, 2018


Fun: “Plaid,” an episode of Articles of Interest, a podcast series within in the podcast series 99% Invisible.

I like plaid. (It really is warmer.) And I was happy to learn from this podcast that tartan generators a-plenty may be found online. I used Tartan Designer to make an official Orange Crate Art tartan (Orange Crate tArtan?). If American Express and New Jersey can have their own tartans, so can my blog:

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The Crow said...

What fun! I'll try my hand at it and add it to my blog (I hope).

The Crow said...

I made a plaid pattern, named it The Crow's Wings. Thanks, Michael, for posting the link to the plaid generator.

Michael Leddy said...

Neat! I’m trying to decide whom to hire to do my weaving. (Kidding.)