Wednesday, October 31, 2018

FilmStruck recommendations

New York Times editors and reporters have suggested twelve movies to watch before FilmStruck disppears. I’ve seen three (and heard of only two of the others). I have some viewing to do.

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Jeff Goob said...

FWIW there is a petition to sign to express our dismay on the passing of FilmStruck.
There are a couple of others, but this one seems to have the most traction and the best reasoning. FilmStruck is not just a streaming service, but access to an archive.

Michael Leddy said...

I just signed. I can’t imagine a petition meaning much to a corporation willing to shutter FilmStruck to begin with, but who knows?

Kanopy (available from some libraries) looks like an alternative of sorts, but it’s computer-only.

Jeff Goob said...

Yes our library announced Kanopy literally the day after the FilmStruck announcement. They do have apps and their content looks to be pretty good. A downside is that, at least with our library's implementation, you get six films a month and even a 5 minute short counts as one of those six.