Monday, October 29, 2018

Henry’s end

[Zippy and Henry, October 28, 2018. Click for larger views.]

Now I understand why yesterday’s Zippy took the form of an ontological argument for the existence of Henry. As I learned this morning, Comics Kingdom has dropped Henry reruns from its offerings. Yesterday’s Henry is the last of Henry we’ll see.

In yesterday’s strip, Henry and his dog Dusty go rolling down a hill in their wagon. The wagon speeds out of control and boy and dog tumble out. As Sisyphean Henry prepares to ascend the hill, Dusty dashes away. I would like to think that the final panel (above) shows Henry having turned away from that hill, away from eternal repetition. Just whistle off, Henry, to fresh streets, and candy stores new. Dusty will follow.

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Unknown said...

It is sad news about Henry, Michael, but there is a bright side for me. We've just discussed St. Anselm's argument in critical thinking, and now we're on to visual arguments. Students are bringing political cartoons for discussion tomorrow, which gives me a perfect excuse to introduce them (the students, not the cartoons) to Zippy. Thanks for the timely post.

Michael Leddy said...

Holy synchronicity, Batman! Oops — wrong cartoon!