Friday, October 26, 2018


In the mail today:

The FilmStruck website offers no explanation, but Variety does:

The move appeared to be the latest by WarnerMedia, under AT&T’s ownership, to streamline operations by cutting niche-oriented business ventures. Two sources familiar with the decision said the plan to kill FilmStruck was made prior to AT&T’s closing the Time Warner deal; in any case, the strategy aligns with the new WarnerMedia blueprint to shift resources to mass-market entertainment services.
FilmStruck’s demise is a great loss for people who love film, or even just movies.

Remember when the advice to small businesses was to “find a niche”? Yeah, right. Our household’s response to WarnerMedia: Fie on you. Fie!

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Jeff Goob said...

Fie indeed, a curse on their house.

Michael Leddy said...

And, as Ed Norton would say, a pox on all their ancestors.