Saturday, October 13, 2018

Another headline

From the New York Daily News: “Cultured klepto who swiped painting worth over $1,000 in the Bronx wanted.”

A painting worth over $1,000 in the Bronx? And in the other boroughs?

A possible revision: “Wanted: cultured klepto who swiped $1,000 painting in the Bronx.” I think it’s safe to omit “worth over.”

This post marks the first and (I hope) last time I’ll have reason to type the phrase “cultured klepto.”

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The Crow said...

how did they know the klepto was cultured? By the price/value of the painting? (methinks there is an oxymoron lurking around the corner, awaiting exposure.) This suggests the thief is known to the victim and they are in cahoots in an insurance scam. (Is it obvious I cut my reading teeth on dime-crime-novels?)

I have to go feed my daughter's cats. I'll be back to read your response. This whole thing is going to be buzzing around in my head all day...which I like.

Michael Leddy said...

I think the real reason he’s called a “cultured klepto” is alliteration. I would have gone for the more understated “Bronx bandit.”

Have fun with the cats!

The Crow said...

Bronx Bandit...I love that! Almost sounds like a Stan Lee character name. :)

Michael Leddy said...