Saturday, June 1, 2024

Today’s Saturday Stumper

Today’s Newsday  Saturday Stumper is by “Anna Stiga,” or Stan Again, Stan Newman, the puzzle’s editor, using the penname that signifies an easier Stumper. It was easier, but not that easy. I made three mistakes that I caught only when I read through the puzzle for choice clues and answers.

The choice items:

1-A, ten letters, “Buster Keaton silent sleuth spoof (an AFI ’Funniest’).” If it’s a giveaway, I’ll take it. This clue had me ready to like this puzzle.

5-D, five letters, “20-year Swedish coffee commercial character.” What? thought I. I’m supposed to know a character from Swedish advertising? Oh, wait.

11-A, four letters, “Bar tended at restaurants.” This one’s tricky.

14-A, eight letters, “They hold bread racks.” I was trying to think of a seven-letter word for a cash register.

18-A, four letters, “Name related to 2-Down.” And 2-D, six letters, is “Butte neighbor.” I’ve seen the answer to 18-A similarly clued in a recent Stumper. Experiential learning.

30-A, three letters, “Central casting.” I’m not sure I understand this one.

35-A, seven letters, “Fish out of water.” Clever and a bit misdirective.

35-D, eight letters, “What Ariel and Aladdin are at Disney World.” A slighty wacky anwer, and appropriately so.

36-D, eight letters, “It has the most primary interstates passing through it.” Heck yeah.

40-A, eight letters, “Lodging place?” Groan.

53-D, five letters, “Kitchen brand created from female names.” It feels strange to now know that.

60-A, ten letters, “Extreme avoidance.” One of the more difficult clues in the puzzle.

63-A, ten letters, “Don’t go straight.” Another of the more difficult clues in the puzzle. So many possibilities.

My favorite in this puzzle: 27-A, seven letters, “Mac not a PC.” So clever, and everyday life gave me the answer.

No spoilers; the answers are in the comments.

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Michael Leddy said...


HELENA. T. (The middle letter of casting?) MISFITS. (Plural.)



SLICKER. (We’ve had “Penny Lane” running through our house: “And the banker never wears a mac / In the pouring rain, very strange.”

joecab said...

Yep, T as in the central of "casting" -- not like we haven't seen similar clues before, but the clue is pretty terse

That bottom left was the last for me with a few errors: OTOES (Indian Ocean?) for ATLAS, which went with another KEBOB spelling, and ELK SCOUT (?) for the lodging place. Don't ask.

Michael Leddy said...

ATLAS had me stuck for some time. And KEBAB/KEBOB is often tricky.

Michael Leddy said...