Saturday, April 13, 2019

Today’s Saturday Stumper

Today’s Newsday Saturday Stumper, by Andrew Bell Lewis, had me thinking that I’d never finish. “Why, you’d have to be some kinda 8-Down, fifteen letters, ‘One who’s always up,’ to think you’re going to finish this puzzle,” I would have thought, had I figured out 8-Down early in my solving. But had I figured out 8-Down early on, I would not have been thinking that I’d never finish. Let me just say that I solved the puzzle.

I found a way into the puzzle in a bottom corner, with 52-Across, three letters, “Smucker-filled lunch, perhaps,” and 54-Down, four letters, “Top grosser before ‘Star Wars.’” Not much of a start. But then a word here, a word there. I’m an 8-Down, always.

Three clues that I especially liked: 30-Across, “Mob rule.” 61-Across, ten letters, “Smooth talker’s supply.” 14-Down, ten letters, “Rumination stations.” GOATSTALLS? No. And no spoilers: the answers are in the comments.

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