Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Another Cabinet change

The New Yorker reports that Donald Trump has named Lori Loughlin as his new secretary of education, replacing Betsy DeVos:

In making the announcement, Trump praised Loughlin for her “disruptive approach” to college admissions and expressed hope that she could bring the same brand of innovative thinking to the Department of Education.
Gives new meaning to the term “acting secretary.”

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Pete said...

Satire. But of course, the best satire hews closely to potential reality. She would actually be a perfect cabinet secretary for Trump: female, attractive, completely lacking expertise in her assigned area, and morally bankrupt.

Michael Leddy said...

And if she needs mentoring, Ivanka is on call.

The Crow said...

I have gotten so nonplussed at Trump's stupidity that I thought the report must be true...until Kareema told me it was satire presented as news. How foolish can I be?

Michael Leddy said...

I thought about whether to identify it as the work of Andy Borowitz, and the longer I looked at the passage I quoted, the fainter the line between reality and satire.