Monday, April 1, 2019

More rocks

[Nancy, April 1, 2019. Click for a much larger view.]

Today’s Nancy, by Olivia Jaimes, has 1. truth (the “some rocks” trope), 2. fantasy (an origin story and squelched experimentation), 3. an image that has become a meme, and 45. rocks. Count ’em.

But what I like most about today’s strip is the care with which Jaimes has created a faux-Bushmiller panel. Notice the off-white background.

Here’s a 1961 Bushmiller panel with eight rocks.

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Fresca said...

I snorted with delight at that last panel.

Could Olivia Jaimes be Nancy grown up?

Michael Leddy said...

Hard to know, because she is intent on preserving her anonymity. When she appeared at a comics event before a small audience, she disguised herself with hat, scarf, and sunglasses. Whoever she is, she understands Nancy’s impudence, for sure.