Friday, April 12, 2019

Go, third-graders, go

“We think they are ignoring us because we are kids”: students in a third-grade class spot an error in a math textbook, write three times to the publisher, wait five months for a response beyond a form letter, and start a petition to get the correction made. A cheering story of persistence from The Washington Post.

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Elaine said...

To get son Nathaniel into Algebra in 8th grade, I did the 7th grade math program with him over the summer. Took about 6 weeks...and he found 12 egregious errors in the textbook. He composed a detailed letter to McGraw-Hill.... and rec'd a response, acknowledging he was correct on all points. They sent him a pen. (What? no money for college? Not even pay for the proofreading?)

Slywy said...

I call mine "OCD," but go kids. :)