Thursday, April 18, 2019

“No matches were found”

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Leave it to Mr. Barr to make the redacted report available as non-searchable PDF. But someone’s already made a searchable version. Browsing in a cursory way, I found pages 1–2, 8, 156–158, and 182 in Volume II of special interest, along with this scene of On the Waterfront pathos, as recorded by a witness, Volume II, page 63:

“This is terrible Jeff. It’s all because you recused. AG is supposed to be most important appointment. Kennedy appointed his brother. Obama appointed Holder. I appointed you and you recused yourself. You left me on an island. I can’t do anything.”
I believe the word the president was looking for is marooned.

I wonder what accounts for that little artifact in the bottom right corner of my screenshot. It’ll be in your copy of the report too. None genuine without this mark?

[On the Waterfront: “You was my brother, Charley, you shoulda looked out for me a little bit.”]

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The Crow said...

I don't understand why Barr (or anyone else) was allowed to redact any part of the report. It is a tax-payer funded government document, which has protections against this sort of tom-foolery. Once the report is submitted, it has to stand as is, flaws and all.

Somebody has greased that report with snake oil.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Non-searchable makes it much more difficult for the public and press to find what they would like to read which is what some want. As a friend of mine remarked, "figured it would be released on a Thursday before basically a holiday weekend. Gets buried in the news cycle."

Thanks for the link to the searchable version!


Anonymous said...

PS I forgot to add that in 1775 in this week Paul Revere made his ride and the Minutemen met the Redcoats in the battles of Lexington and Concord.

I thought that was most apropos!

Check out Micheal Beschloss' wonderful twitter account recounting what happened in history.


Michael Leddy said...

Martha, I hope that at some point we’ll see it all.

Kirsten, thanks for the Twitter tip. And yes, the timing of this release is ridiculously transparent.

The Crow said...

I think this is one story that won't get buried, unless Trumpity comes out with another outrageous threat as a distraction. With some luck, maybe the press will ignore his rants and stick to the real news.

I hope.

Michael Leddy said...

Some of the redactions seem to suggest that there’s a lot more to come. It’s not going away.